Professional Displays

Dahua’s reliable professional displays are all made to be used 24/7. Attractive design is combined with impressive specifications such as 4K display and high brightness. These monitors are characterised by the fact that they are not equipped with network components. This means that they are not a potential risk in a company network.

Digital Signage

At the heart of Dahua’s Digital Signage product range we find powerful Android players. Build a complete network of displays and manage them with the free* Dahua MPS 3.0 platform. Choose from indoor or outdoor monitors, wall-mounted or for standing kiosks.


* *Up to 20 displays for free.

Interactive Whiteboard

Use the Dahua Interactive whiteboards to communicate your presentation or lesson to your audience in a convincing way. These user-friendly whiteboards feature a 4K DLED screen with Zero Air Gap technology. This ensures a bright picture, vivid colours and a natural writing experience. Take advantage of the built-in user-friendly software or integrate with your existing platform using an optional OPS module.

Dahua Interactive Whiteboards are an ideal solution for hybrid collaboration and education!

LCD video walls

Dahua has a wide range of LCD video wall monitors. With these monitors, it is possible to build very large surfaces at relatively low costs. We do this by combining monitors with a narrow edge into one unit. These edges vary from 0.9 to 3.5 mm. The monitors have a brightness of 500 to 700 cd/m2. The dimensions are 46, 49 or 55 inches per monitor. In this way, Dahua has a suitable video wall for every application. All our video wall monitors are suitable for 24/7 use.

LED video wall for indoors

In recent times, the technology of indoor LED has been strongly developed. We are seeing indoor LED becoming increasingly popular in more and more applications. For example, we see the ‘super fine pitch’ solutions being used in boardrooms and auditoriums as an alternative to video projection. Dahua pioneered this application 15 years ago in its control room projects. Here, a wide natural colour spectrum is just as important as reliability, ergonomics, durability and energy consumption.

Dahua has several product lines that are tailored to their specific applications.

LED video wall for outdoor use

Dahua is a pioneer in the application of LED technology. A lot of experience has been gained in various applications and projects. A good outdoor LED screen is characterised by its brightness and true-to-life colour reproduction. In addition, it is important that an outdoor LED screen can withstand all weather conditions for many years. With Dahua, you are assured of years of perfect reproduction of your message!

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